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Nuestro compromiso es mejorar continuamente el desempeño, por medio de un equipo humano competente que nos permita mantener altos niveles de calidad, en la comercialización y entrega de productos y servicios transaccionales. Contamos con la tecnología y los procesos necesarios que garantizan el cumplimiento de las especificaciones la calidad de nuestros productos y servicios, respaldados por un estricto control ético y postventa. Garantizamos el éxito de esta política mediante la medición de nuestro desempeño, con enfoque de cumplimiento, rendimiento y sostenibilidad, promoviendo las mejores prácticas en nuestra industria.


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SUNTECH MOBILE es uno de los mayores proveedores mundiales de soluciones completas de pago electrónico, distribuye y comercializa terminales android para transacciones electrónicas de alta seguridad, dispositivos periféricos, dispositivos de red de transacciones, software de aplicaciones y servicios de entrega de información.

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Su plataforma le permite proponer un portafolio flexible y versátil de medios de pago y recaudo, SUNTECH se concentra en la integración de los servicios, la afiliación de establecimientos de comercio habilitándolos para la aceptación de pagos con tarjetas del sector financiero.

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Contamos con una plataforma transaccional debidamente certificada PCI, cumpliendo las normas internacionales para el manejo de información, permitiéndole administrar comercios, procesar y garantizar una oferta de servicios de medios de pagos  disponibles para la integración de nuestras plataformas con las del cliente, proporcionando servicios flexibles con interfaces web que informan al detalle al cliente sus transacciones, operar y controlar diariamente, minimizando el riesgo de transacciones fraudulentas mediante reglas de negocio (IB: Bussines Intelillence) que salvaguardan y depuran la calidad de las transacciones que cursan.

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I always liked Parents and children Guy. What it lacked in piece of ground it made up for in raging non-sequitur humour and Peter Griffin's universally present laughter. The contact of casual jokes and pennon plots made for some in high spirits moments. But after period of the year four it got old. It was a vast one-dimensional conception idea while it lasted, but the seek reference of the case or cause of a exhibit with wafer-not thick plots just to bring out set-pieces can't last forever. Come into American Dad and his very great chin.
It started off comely serviceable. The thirteen episodes on the first DVD (technically not the whole first period of the year if the fruit poetry are anything to go by) get stronger and more likable as they go by. 'A Metal-worker In The Palm and fingers' which satirises the supposed prohibition of mastupration and 'All About Steve' which demystifies geek tillage are individual favourites.
Then it got better - MUCH better. Around the duration of the digression 'It's Serviceable To Be The Queen' things really started to come together. Seth knows how to haul his characters in ways that set the first ideas he had when he started the exhibit and foliage adequate supply of chance; fit for comedy as he fleshes them out. He's really got a perceive for how to step his episodes and how to scrawl vast stories, still retaining his trademark for alien humour. Certainly there are a few episodes in the whole run so far that are feeble, but they are more than made up for by the best ones. Parents and children Guy has more consistence but it doesn't have the pure brilliance of American Dad when it's at watchseries.
What we have here is an blithe exhibit that is nearly as athletic as my individual favourite, Futurama. In other language, Seth MacFarlene's best act to duration.